Abraham robertson

Abraham was born and rasied in Kingston, Jamaica . His mother is a Prominent Lawyer and His father is a well-known Politician. Abraham developed an early love for leadership, education, and service to his community. Throughout high school, he was continuously elected to be the leader of his student body, numerous community projects, and multiple athletic teams. His strong athletic careerresulted in his acceptance to Howard University in 2014 with a full athletic scholarship.

While at Howard, he developed a passion for financial markets and entrepreneurship, which is parallel to his pending BBA in Finance. He was able to teach himself about the equity markets and turn a couple hundred dollars into tens of thousands over a 12 month period. Outside of teaching with CARE full-time, and being a retail trader and investor. Abraham also founded a company that focuses on serving the community and retail sector by developing an Aquaponics facility.Â

CARE currently has 100+ Students who are learning to save, invest and take their finances into their own hands. Abraham has an ultimate goal of simplifying financial literacy so it can be taught to children from the age of 10. He is currently partnering with HU-MS2 to teach 3rd Graders about saving and investing. He insists that his goal is not to go where the regular path leads, but to go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Caleb has always been a hustler. Though born in Baltimore, Caleb moved to Jamaica in 2011 where he made one decision that would change his life forever. He decided he was going to be an olympian. He was mentored by 3 time olympic champion Shelly Anne Fraiser Pryce. He trained every day alongside some of the most competitive athletes in the world. And it was then, that he discovered the value of hard work.

Caleb then took the soft skills learned from the olympic training program and at the age of 18 years old and tried to find a way to use them to empower his community. Caleb Jackson founded an international non profit called Operation Help The People. Currently, OHTP is one the of the largest youth nonprofits in the carribean. OHTP operates in two countries, has over 5,000 volunteers and has completed over 30 projects that have touched the lives of thousands of people across the the US and the carribean.

Caleb’s journey doesn’t stop there. He’s always been hungry for knowledge and as a result, no matter, where you go, you’ll always see him with a book in his hand. In the past year alone, he’s read over 100 books! Which is how he discovered that one of the best ways to improve the lives of your loved ones and your community is through generational wealth creation. And the most efficient way of creating wealth is through the financial markets. This realization led Caleb to learn about trading stocks, which he did successfully over the course of a few years before choosing to focus primarily on the currency market because of it’s unique benefits.

Caleb is also a up and coming real estate investor in Baltimore, MD and he manages a small portfolio on behalf of over 11 investors.

Our Partners

We’ve always had a passion for giving back to his community. As a students at Howard University, our team made it our mission to find a way to give back and share what he loves. Abraham worked alongside the Howard University Math & Science Middle School where they taught a group of 11 year olds the fundamentals of investing and trading. Robertson was able to coach and mentor the students and as a result, the students ranked 1st in a national investing competion.

We’ve partnered with the Operation: Help The People to lead multiple projects that have empowered the youth of the carribean. Including: a business sponsporing a business seminar that helped three 16 year old entrepreneurs start businesses that each grossed $1 million JMD, and multple financial literacy and investing programs that were not only nationally televised and sponsored by the likes of Nestle, but resulted in the grand majority of attendees starting their journeys as investors, entrepreneurs, and traders.