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Don’t Just Take It From Us, Here’s What Our Students Have To Say

Dean Lindo


  Verified Student

“I have to thank CARE for the guidance and patience from the start. The knowledge you have shared about the markets is unlike any other I have seen. The community has helped me grow as a trader and as a person.”

Crystal Anokam


  Verified Student

“CARE is the truth! I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and everyone in the chat. Honestly before CARE, I had no direction of how to achieve the goals I had for myself. CARE provided clarity to my visions. Never any negative energy, always positive vibes, and higher consciousness. Thank you for showing us that we can thrive outside the status quo and showing us what true liberation looks like.”

Lee R. Williams


  Verified Student

“Honestly, I can’t even find the words to express how grateful I am to CARE for just changing my life and just giving me that outlook that there’s way more to life than a 9-5. I was a part of CARE’s first class of students and from then until now, the level up has been real! And I haven’t even reached my peak yet! I’m just so happy for the community and what it offers from the technicals to the psychology and the constant value being added each and every month. I’m just anxious as to what 2019 and onwards has to offer. #AllStartedWithCAREandADream”

Jonathan Ducille


  Verified Student

“Yoooo big up to Care! Came here for Forex and learned so much more! This is a very unique community that actually cares about the progress and growth of its other members. Keep it up and keep caring.”

Rachel Chambers


  Verified Student

“I truly appreciate the mentorship and support in the Care community and I hope they continue to inspire and change the lives of young people around the world!”

Chadwyn Farquharson


  Verified Student

“Care has actually done more to help me than I could’ve thought. I’ve been reminded of what it is to work at a personal goal without outside input and be given a chance to reshape my life. Care is a key part in the base of my success, and no building can hold up without a solid foundation.”

Travis Brown


  Verified Student

“Can’t thank you enough for the belief, the advice and encouragement. Can’t wait to see the impact CARE will have in 5 years. I have to thank CARE for the patience, self awareness, organization, and other areas of self I’m building on to be better in the markets and my other personal projects.

I’m also glad to have another stream of income to help make the life I dream of seem more and more possible by the day. I love the care community for the positivity, ambition, support and big thinking. The value in this community is priceless.”

Shemar Steele


  Verified Student

“Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me. From the patience to the willingness to provide individualized attention. I’m far from amazing, but I’m a better trader each and every day because of Care.”