Win $100 To Read “The Alchemist” and Tell Us How You’ll Use it to Change Your Life


Leaders are readers. If we don’t study success, we can’t expect to achieve it. We’re on a mission to help millennials cultivate the skills necessary to create the lives they desire — and everything starts with education ?. Which is why we’re proud to announce the #MindsetElevationChallenge ? where we’ll be giving away $100 every month to one lucky person who takes the initiative to invest in themselves.


1. Follow @Investwith.Care
2. Read the book of the month (Audiobooks also acceptable)
3. Take a few notes or annotate as you read to maximize retention!
4. Post an Instagram story about your takeaways and tag us!
5. You’ll be interviewed by our team to gauge: what you learned from the book, and what action items you’ll be taking to better your life as a result of reading the book
6. The winner will be selected based on the quality of their interview answers